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East Downtown Houston, also referred to as the EaDo is a hotspot to many awesome places to check out. Whether you are a visitor from somewhere else, or a local, you will surely enjoy and have lots of fun. Moving to Houston is definitely a great decision with all the great things to do. There are a variety of homes for sale in Houston, as well as condos for sale in houston to choose from.

BBVA Stadium
It is considered as a multi purpose stadium where all types great local events are held. It is the home to the major soccer team league, the Houston Dynamo. If you are into soccer there is nothing more awesome than visiting watching a soccer game with family and friends on an afternoon. Enjoy those delicious foods like hotdogs, hamburgers, and even tacos being constantly served at these games also. A great place to enjoy the nice weather, watch a good game, and eat some delicious foods.

BBVA Compass Stadiumgoogl
2200 Texas Avenue
Houston, Texas USA
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Warehouse Live
The warehouse live is a place where all the national acts and shows are held. It is the live venue to some of the biggest named artists, as well as local musicians which attract many local fans. The venue has both a studio, and ballroom. It accommodates both the local artist for smaller crowds, as well as the much larger crowds which require more concert spacing. The warehouse is definitely the go-to place live music.

Warehouse Live
813 St. Emanuel St.
Houston, Texas USA
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Houston Patios
Houston is the place for patios. Therefore, these are places where one can go and hang out with family and friends, pick up a beer, and delicious foods. It is a place where one can get a chance to meet to mingle in the local H-Town culture. If you are an artist, businessman, or are just there to enjoy the atmosphere, this is a place for everyone to enjoy. The following below are some of the places that are considered patios in Houston.

Rosie Cannonball Spritz Patio
This Spritz patio is a place where you can get delicious and fine European comfort food, and in a lively environment. The food here is cooked in a live-fire, and is centered around wood burning oven and grill style. For example, one can enjoy a mix of pastas, pizzas, seafood, and delicious local Texas meats. As far as drinks, for example, one can also enjoy a variety of fine European wines including Attems, Chermette, Conte Vistarino, and Tiberio wines.

Rosie Cannonball
1620 Westheimer Rd
Houston, Texas 77006
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King Bierhaus
The King Bierhaus has been rated as a top restaurant by the Nation-Zagat. They have some delicious sets of German inspired plates including spicy kielbasa, chicken-apple jalapeno, Kasewurst, and German Bratwurst. As the name says, they are definitely the Kings of the best German beers including Stiegl Radlet Grapefruit, Radenbeger Pilsner, Stiegl Lager, and Spaten Lager just to name a few. Above all this place is literally like taking a trip to Germany, and it is wonderful.

King Bierhaus
2044 ETC Jester Blvd.goo
Houston, Texas 77008
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8th Wonder Brewery
This is an incredible brewery to visit for all types of beer lovers. That is to say, they have a large selection of locally custom brewed beers to suit everyone’s tastes. Firstly, If you are into fruit blended beers then you will definitely want to try The Blackberry Sabrosa. Secondaly, for coffee lovers, they have the Viet-Irish Coffee beer. Thirdly, If prefer more of a canned type of 8th wonder beer, then you can choose from 10 different canned type of beers. These include the hopston, bo$$ beer, cougar paw, rocket fuel, and many others. This venue is just one icon of the great vibes and culture that is present here in Houston.

8th Wonder Brewery
2202 Dallas Street
Houston, Texas 77003
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Aerosol Warfare & Graffiti and street arts museum.
The Aerosol is a street art and urban arts organization that has been around for 24 years. Most importantly it is helping to shape the artistic expression across the East Downtown region of the city by providing amazing murals, aerosol arts, graffiti, and other scattered hints of arts across Houston. Gonzo247 is the founder and chief of operations for this organization. They have established the first ever graffiti museum, also known as the GASAM short for The Graffiti and street arts museum. In conclusion Houston is just filled with local and international artists who are constantly contributing their works of arts across the city.

Aerosol Warfare
2110 Jefferson St. #111
Houston, Texas USA
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Sparkle’s Hamburger Spot
If you are looking for one of the best burgers in town, then Sparkle’s is definitely a place to check out. All of the locals flock to this great burger spot where they can their thick bugger patties, crisp bacon, and melted cheese on a nicely toasted bun. Their fries are also homemade and are delicious. This is a sort of hidden hole in the wall gem that has all of the locals raving about their burgers and fries.

Sparkle’s Hamburger Spot
1515 Dowling Street
Houston, Texas USA
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The Houston Whatever Fest
The Houston’s whatever fest is one of EaDo’s most happening music and comedy festival. It started back in 2014 and has been running ever since. Its location is right next to the BBVA compass stadium park. The HWF festival has featured the likes of various international talents including Metric, Ghostland Observatory, GWAR, and GZA of the Wu-Tang Clan. Some of the local musicians it has featured have included Lil’ Flip, Fat Tony, and many others. There are also comedian stages during this festival where festival attendees can get a taste of stand-up type comedy in addition to the musical showcases.

Houston Whatever Fest
813 St. Emanuel St.
Hosuton, Texas USA
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Texas Guandi Temple
Take a break and come meditate into the Texas Guandi Temple located in the EaDo’s old Chinatown neighborhood. Certainly this temple is an interesting sight to see, and to discover about eastern philosophies. Importantly it welcomes all types of visitors, and is surrounded by many statues of Chinese deities. The temple was established back in 1999 by Vietnamese couple Charles Loi Ngo, and Carolyn Ngo. Above all it is a great place to come by, unwind, and meditate on peace and positivity.

Texas Guandi Temple
2089 Milby St.
Houston, Texas USA.
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Houston Is Incredible
Houston is just a magnificent place to visit or to live. It is a lively city always filled with many great things to do. Whether you enjoy fine cuisine and delicious drinks, or are just in the mood for a long walk in the trails of the Buffalo Bayou, there is always something for everyone.The culture here is one of the most thriving in the US. There are beautiful murals all around the EaDo area which create a unique artistic vibe and atmosphere like no other.

The Cuisine and Drinks here are out of this world
The level of fine international cuisine here is just off the charts. There is food from literally every country in this city. It is a food lover’s paradise. For those of you who are into healthy foods, there are a variety of places that serve fruit smoothies and shakes, as well as fresh salads, or a variety of gourmet plates.

Moving to Houston
Houston is a place filled with beautiful homes, and apartments. Moving to Houston can be one of the best decisions that one can make. There are a variety of homes for sale in Houston, and homes for sale in EaDo. For instance, East end on the Bayou townhomes is an exclusively prime location located right alongside the Buffalo Bayou trails and river. It is a quiet place where one can unwind from the stresses of daily work, and go for a walk anytime alongside the serene paths of the Buffalo Bayou. Above all, there is also a huge diversity of nationalities, and people living here, which has helped to create a great local culture.

East end on the Bayou
Experience a variety of luxury Mediterranean style homes for sale in Houston starting from only $1,729 a month with 3.5% down. Above all they have three beautiful styles of townhomes to choose from including:

3-story, 3 bedrooms, 3 1/2 baths, 2-car garage, 1928 sq ft of living space per builder

4-story, 3 bedrooms, 3 1/2 baths, 2-car garage, 4th floor terrace, 2125-2350 sq ft per builder

4-story, 4 bedrooms, 4 1/2 Baths, 2-Car Garage, 4th Story Rooftop Deck, 2465-2700 sq ft per builder

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