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Here are 7 reasons why Houston is one of the best places to live in the US.

#1 – Houston is one of the most diverse cities in the US

Houston is the fourth largest city in the US. It is the home to a huge diversity of people from both all walks of life, ethnic backgrounds. Many mixture combinations of arts, culture, nature, and business exist here. It is a place where there is a huge variety of delicious cuisine, international cultures, and people from around the globe.

If you love nature and the great outdoors then Houston is also the place for you, as there is definitely no shortage of this. The nature filled Buffalo Bayou offers a long 15 mile bike trail, and is well known for its serene, and slow moving river that flows downward. This is nature at its finest, and offers a scattered backdrop to a beautiful city. Moving to Houston is an incredible move that will never disappoint.

#2 – A place for interesting events

Buffalo Bayou Partnership Regatta
Houston is a place filled with fun events that extend to arts, nature, foods, and a variety of cool hobbies. A great nature filled event that friends and family can enjoy is the Buffalo Bayou Partnership Regatta. It is held once a year every March. Considered as Texas’ largest canoe and kayak race which flows downward fifteen miles down the river. One can enter into this event contest to compete or if you just want to enjoy a nice ride down the river paddling slowly. All the locals and visitors love this cherished event. For more information visit here

Art Car show – The Orange Show
If you are into Cars, then you will love the Art Car show or better known as The Orange Show. It has been running since 1988, and attracts national custom car artists and feature a variety of artistic car customization. It is a very far out and fun event filled with some of the most interesting artistic considerations for a car in itself. It is fun for young and old folks, but most especially those who appreciate both art, and cars at the same time. This even draws about 250,000 people for an entire weekend, and is filled with a drag race, and parade. For more information visit here

#3 – EaDo Events
EaDo events are filled with music shows, art events, delicious foods, and many international cultures bundled into one. It represents an artistic national movement where a rebirth of art, and culture is occurring. The EaDo can be similarly compared to Miami’s Wynwood, and other artistic zones across the US. A drive or walk across the EaDo is an experience filled with creative efforts of both local and national artists who come here to contribute their great murals.

You know when you have entered the EaDo, as you will feel a new touch of a type of new modern renaissance like no other in a variety of expressive arts. The culinary arts are very strong and progressive in Houston.

#4 – Delicious Foods and Drinks
Yes Houston is a hotspot for some of the best culinary arts and unique drinks in the US.

The Mexican cuisine here is out of this world, and two places that the locals love here are both El Tiempo Cantina  and Ninfas, amongst many others. Whether you like Burritos, Tacos, Quesadillas, Chimichangas, or others, you are in for a huge treat when you taste some of these out there. Houston is the home to some of the best Mexican cooks that have some of the best sauces, and mouth watering recipes.

If you are into sandwiches, then you will want to check out Ikes Sandwiches or Relish Restaurant Bar. Ikes sandwiches boasts 800 unique sandwiches guaranteed to suit everyone’s tastes. At Relish restaurant bar you will experience a selection of gourmet sandwiches mixed with healthy vegetarian and seafood sides. Some of their Instagram plate photos will make you want to take a ride or even a flight out there to dig into some of these plates.

The food in Houston is so incredible that RNB singer Beyonce has even rapped about in the lyrics of her tracks, along with Fat Tony, and Chingo Bling. Don’t just take their word for it, and come experience it for yourselves.

Interestingly the Beyonce Lyrics about the delicious Houston food makes references to a restaurant called Frenchy’s. This is a place where you will find the most delicious spicy fried chicken, along with an option of dirty rice, and jalapeno.

For those of you who have a sweet tooth, you can truly indulge in some Donuts at Shipley’s where these glazed donut beauties are freshly fried nonstop. Be sure to ask for a Kolache, which is a unique fluffy unique bun-like desert which was introduced into the Texas list of sweets by Czech immigrants. The H-Town represents an international cuisine mix of new and exciting food and treats, without a doubt.

The drinks at the EaDo could be considered as artworks in themselves, where there are a load of local breweries creating some of the most interesting beer tastes, and names. The 8th Wonder Brewery and Distillery is the first place that comes to mind if you are looking for a solid selection of fine custom brewed beers. Some of their flavors include People’s champs, Mazy IPA, Cougar Paw, Rocket Fuel, and Coffee and cream. This is one of the coolest breweries which makes the EaDo so awesome.

A second outstanding brewery is the Buffalo Brewery where they have been coined as ‘Houston’s most creative Brewery” in town. Some of their own brewed beers include Almond Darling, Morning Wood, Dreamsicle, and Black Raz.Talk about some most interesting beer names, and tastes. Just these two breweries, amongst others, are helping to shape the tastes, and cultural vibes of the artistic mecca known as the EaDo.

#5 – The Buffalo Bayou natural habitats, Rivers, and all natural habitat in between:
Houston’s nature is scattered everywhere across between its cityscapes, neighborhoods, and its Buffalo Bayou. It is a place where there is no shortage of nature, and fresh air from the trees, plants, and grass across its serene green surroundings. The Buffalo Bayou itself is a 160 acre green space scattered throughout Houston. It helps to create a backdrop to some of Houston’s most beautiful views of trees, plant vegetation, and flowers. The Buffalo Bayou river is a huge slow moving river that together creates a huge sense of well-being, as well as maintaining a flow of fresh air as well.

Within the Buffalo Bayou there are many unique smaller parks that have a certain niche and vibe. Some of these include the Buffalo Bayou Cistern, Lost Lake visitor center, Barbara fish Daniel nature play area, Joe & Lee jamail skatepark, John Steele dog park, and the Tapley Tributary. This is nothing but a nature lover’s paradise, and as we all know there is nothing better than a natural park area to spend a great time with family and friends in the great outdoors. Exercising along these great trails can help to create a synchronous life balance which allows one to de-stress.

In Houston one is engulfed in wonderful natural sceneries, and at the same time immersed in modern architectural cityscapes. Check out the Buffalo Bayou Partnership for a complete parks list.

#6 – Surfing In Houston ? – Yes
The fun and great things to do in Houston just never stop. Did you know that there is surfing in Houston also. One can go down to the gulf, or the nearby surfside beach where some impressive waves can be seen.

If you are into catching waves then this is definitely the right place for you. If you don’t want to get wet, and just enjoy watching, than this can be a great experience also. One can watch other surfers catching some huge waves while you sip on a beer,  coffee, or an iced tea while watching a great H-Town Sunset skyviews.

#7 – Downtown Houston
Downtown Houston has tons of very entertaining things to offer. Taking a drive across its visually appealing skyscrapers, and modern looking buildings is an awesome sight to see. This is a great place to visit both in the day or nighttime when all the venues are at their best. The Houston hard rock café can be a great place to visit for shows, drinks, and a great rock star atmosphere.

If you are looking for a more mellow place to visit, then the Bayou Place is the place for you. This is where there are Japanese, and Italian restaurants, along with many bars alongside its second floor. Some of these bars include the Shark Bar, and PBR Houston. If you are a movie or music buff then you will surely enjoy the Bayou Music Center or a film at the Sundance Cinemas.

Houston is a magnificent place to visitors, and of course for those who are making the decision to move to Houston. It is a place where one will never fall bored, as it is a place filled with very entertaining things to do.

If you then need to unwind, and go into a mellow mode you will also have no trouble in doing so in Houston. With its beautiful parks, and recreation areas there is no shortage of calmness. On the other hand, Houston also offers a mix of cultures, fine cuisine, drinks, and nature.

Houston is an interesting place to both visit and live. It is definitely one of the most diverse, and culturally progressive places in the US.  A city that offers both a mellow and lively atmosphere at the same time. Moving to Houston is one of the best decisions you will ever make. There are a variety of townhomes for sale in Houston to choose from ranging from Mediterranean style townhomes, to apartment condos. The natural pathways of the Buffalo Bayou offer a refuge from the daily work-life balance, and is a great place for exercising also.

Moving to Houston is always a great idea. It is a place where city, and nature come together to create a great city. There are a variety of townhomes for sale in Houston along the Buffalo Bayou. East end on the Bayou offers one of the most exclusive locations available in all of Houston. This is a place that offers cultural diversity, and a great well being in its beautiful natural surroundings.

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