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Eado is Rising: A East Downtown Houston Texas Renaissance.

EaDo, or East Downtown Houston Texas is definitely the place to be right now. Whether you are looking for fine cuisine, looking for a cool thriving nightlife, and or are into the arts, then this is the place you. With respect to arts, and entertainment, the Houston Texas Eado can be compared to the likes of Miami’s Wynwood district, where the arts and cultural points are at an all-time explosive state. The artistic waves are in effect with wall murals all around the town, and a spirit of artistic expression is in the air. Over 25 eye catchy murals can be spotted across the East end of Houston. The range of artists includes both world renowned, and local talents each contributing their own unique vibes of art works.

The Eado in Houston Texas has become a progressive lifestyle oasis lots of cool things to do any day of the week. If you are looking for an awesome place to live, the you are in the right place also. There are loads of attractive real estate including apartments, and townhomes. One such beautifully Mediterranean inspired Houston Eado townhome development in the heart of Houston is the East End On The Bayou which is now in the last phases of construction and for sale.

Eado is a place filled with both lush green natural spaces, and a modern amalgam of cultural lifestyles, and fine foods. Some awesome surrounding Eado hot spots for music and food include Warehouse live , 8th Wonder Brewery and Lucky’s Pub. All of these awesome locations provide both great unique drinks, and many genres of interesting live music. East Downtown Houston is thriving and on the rise, and there are many new exquisite apartment, and townhomes developments which are available for new people who are thinking of moving to this beautiful area.

In addition to all of these great attractive cultural and lifestyle positives, the real estate in this area is also very advantageous in that it offers a relatively lower price tag than found in other of Houston’s many top neighborhoods. In the sector of jobs and prominent companies in the area, there are such as Exxon Mobile, Hostgator, Microsoft, and Cpanel, which are all very well known brands internationally. We are truly seeing all of the characteristics of a well rounded thriving area that is becoming a national sensation.

East end on the bayou views

Buffalo bayou park east sector in Houston is on the rise.


Buffalo Bayou East Sector
Buffalo Bayou East Sector

Buffalo Bayou Park East master plan, in Houston’s East End, is quickly becoming a reality. It is helping to create a development boom along the Buffalo Bayou East Sector. This growth has helped to bring forth beautiful condos for sale in Eado. There is a master-plan in effect to redevelop the Buffalo Bayou Park East. Its design and development is being carried out by an all-star group of internationally recognized and industry leading consultants, who were recently revealed by the Buffalo Bayou Partnership. This renovation and beautification project has helped spark and propel developments like this area has never experienced before. The Buffalo Bayou Partnership is a non-profit organization with a goal to revitalize, beautify, and transform the Buffalo Bayou area.


Its commitment involves a plan and project that incorporates the following:

  • Authenticity –Creating unique park spaces that reflect the cultural and industrial legacy of the east sector.
  • Connectivity – Rethinking how parks and neighborhoods interact, activating and connecting the waterfront and surrounding neighborhoods.
  • Inclusivity – Establishing a pioneering precedent where green space can be a catalyst for inclusive revitalization.

the future of buffalo bayou east area

The entire Buffalo Bayou East Master Plan summary can be downloaded here.   This extensive plan in motion includes miles of waterfront properties, many parks, green spaces, boat landings, and pedestrian bridges.

condos for sale in Eado
Buffalo Bayou Park East

This area will consist of thriving communities, with lush and beautiful surrounding nature areas. This newly thriving Houston area known as Buffalo Bayou East Sector is quickly becoming a type of modern lifestyle oasis. The East River is one of many elite, well-planned, and ambitious projects undertaken by some of Houston’s top real estate developers. Eado offers the best in Fine Cuisine, thriving arts, and lively entertainment. It is an area that is quickly stirring up attention. Both national and international diverse groups of people are now becoming aware of it. It is a place that unites both artistic diversity and modern living all into one.

Industrial Sector Landmarks

Buffalo Bayou East Sector’s industrial sites are also serving as a backdrop for helping to create new pleasant public spaces. Its many mixed city landscapes are unlike anywhere else in Houston. Many believe that maintaining these industrial landmarks to be both thoughtful and one that will help to enrich the area. Through this initiative, cultural vibrations and unique lifestyles will help to create a uniqueness and character throughout the Eado. Chris Matthews, the lead designer of the Buffalo bayou project, has offered his positive opinion which states: “I applaud Buffalo Bayou Partnership for its commitment to seeing these industrial relics remain and incorporated into the bayou’s landscape.”.

The direction of the Buffalo Bayou East Sector expansion and investment is also to help the preservation of the culture in the East Houston EaDo area by providing pleasant green spaces such as parks, thoughtfully converted historic buildings, as well as exciting local destinations to the area. The complement of living spaces such as apartments, condos, and townhomes is also on the rise in Houston’s East End, and one especially exquisite development is East End On the Bayou, which is nestled on the Southern bank of Buffalo Bayou, less than half a mile from the central business district.

premiere homes for sale in east downtown area

Dorado Builders is currently offering townhomes for sale at East End on the Bayou, which contain Mediterranean style construction with magnificent views of the downtown Houston skyline starting in the $390k’s and up to $900k for highly custom single family homes. Dorado Builders is soon announcing its condos for sale in the East downtown Houston area starting in the $180k’s price range. They offer the best condos for sale in Eado area through its distinguished and beautiful structurally styled real estate properties.

Image Sources: Buffalo Bayou Partnership East Sector Master Plan

Townhomes EaDo Houston, top view

EaDo is Houston Texas newest hotspot on the map.

Eado or East Downtown Houston is the new term for an awesome new hipster haven located in Houston, Texas. This area has been experiencing a revival of new bars, restaurants, townhouses, and local culture.

A once industrial area turns into a culturally thriving area
It was once a former industrial area filled with vacant spaces. Now it has turned into one of the fastest growing areas of the United States. It exceeds over $250 million dollars in real investment around the Eado area. It is an area that has been on a constant upward rise for a while. Projections predict even more of a rise in property values. It is most definitely a great investment with positive future returns. There is a philosophy of booming and great growth here. In conclusion it may be said that this area is very hot right now.

A great place to live filled with beautiful homes, townhomes, and condos
There is a standard geographic consensus that has risen here. A typical new-construction three bedroom townhome is going for $300 to $500 thousand in the main heart areas of Eado. As one moves further east and closer to the freeways, the less expensive they have a tendency to become. Many buyers and investors these days are also purchasing townhomes. Some buyers convert them into airbnb rentals. This can be a very viable business for many as there are many newcomers influx into the EaDo area. There are new up and coming developments like the East end on the Bayou. It represents some of the most exquisite architectural designs, and are some of the most attractive homes for sale in east downtown houston.

Eado is a great and fun place to be
Houston’s Eado has become a conglomeration of the arts and culture. It is also filled with a variety of fine foods, and an overall ultra enticing area for all those who enjoy the finest in modern living. From a culturally global standpoint, it contains magical places like “Old Chinatown”. Places like this have become amalgamated into the Eado’s cultural cornerstones. Walking through this section of the town is incredible. There is an enchanting vibe in the eastern-style pagoda’s, with sun-faded green tiles, and gold columns that engulf the concert venue area.

EaDo is a pure art and music
Residents of the Eado including professionals, entrepreneurs, and young singles have all been contributors into a new social and cultural progression. Through its many great events, and parties at local iconic venues, the EaDo is a huge hotspot. There is one specific successful event which occurs at the at the local Francisco Studios known as the “EaDo Palooza”. This event was similarly named after the famous Lollapalooza music festival. It represents an exploration of this area’s sights, sounds, and mixed cultures to bring together a unique experience like no other. It encompasses works of talented painters, sculptors, photographers, and artistic installation masterpieces.

EaDo is a thriving artistic community
The Eado is quickly attracting young artists, musicians, and artistic aficionados to synchronize. It is filled with beautiful live-work condo spaces, as well as townhomes that can be turned into shared artistic living spaces. “Let’s Go Eado” is a great article to check out some of the latest going on in the Eado.

Aerial view East End on the Bayou Downtown Houston

East end on the bayou, great townhomes in EaDo Houston.

Dorado builders houston townhomes Dorado Builders is in the process of completing a new construction of high-end townhomes in east downtown houston area also known as the EaDo. This townhome EaDo masterpiece in the east downtown Houston is an exquisite and masterfully planned urban development at its finest. The East end on the bayou is a strategically located condominium representing one of the most unique and finest townhomes development located in the heart of the EaDo area. Its modern styles, pleasant neighborhoods, and lush evergreens combined are great combinations ready to suit the lifestyle of all walks of life.

Its views include the beautiful EaDo downtown cityscapes, Bayou river, and many unique neighborhood features which include fine international cuisine, and uniquely cultural music and arts venues. These Mediterranean inspired Houston townhomes feature some of the finest romantic aesthetics of Southern European countries that include both light and warm tomes of color schemes, as well as the extensive use of ceramics, wood, and wrought iron. Some of the windows are large in size, and its balconies and terraces are beautifully open-air styles. These combinations of elements are great for creating atmospheres, which will please a couple, family, or roommate and allow them to indulge in the rapidly growing and evolving EaDo.

East Downtown Houston, or EaDo represents a modern renaissance in both modern living, arts, and progressive living. The EaDo is surrounded by pure artistic works, fine international cuisine foods, friendly people, and a thriving culture that is helping to create social accent nationally. Check out EaDo Houston for finding some of the best restaurants, arts and entertainment events, and more. Now is the time to take advantage and get in early into the EaDo, for whether if one is thinking of living there to enjoy the area, or investing into a property for resale or rental, it is a win win situation.

For more information view the East End on the Bayou Brochure

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